The Reason

Why Action Sports?

The world is changing. Baseball, basketball and football are no longer the only games in town. Action sports are quickly becoming America’s pastime. Take a look around: anywhere and everywhere, people of all ages are on skateboards or bikes. Historically,  the perception of action sports has been negative, and we want to be part of the effort to change that. embraces the very culture that action sports embodies: freedom, creativity and self-expression. Enough said.

We support strong women role models.

If you haven’t noticed, the visibility and popularity of women in skateboarding is on the rise. Dig a little deeper into why and you may see names such as Mimi Knoop and Nora Vasconcellos. We could argue all day about who runs the world, but since we expect people all ages, shapes, sizes and genders to be reading this--you make the call.

If you have the opportunity to attend a girls' event, stick around and check it out--you may be stunned at what you see.

So much cooler than a golf team.

Don't get us wrong, we like golf too. In fact, some of Tiger Woods' fondest memory include riding his bike and skateboard.

Don’t be surprised to see staff at a local ramp, street skating, or gettin’ jiggy up in the foam pit at Spinner’s house. It's all in a day's work...