About Steve McCann

Steve McCann

Steve McCann would say that rather than finding BMX, riding found him.

 Steve began riding in his native Australia. As a young rider, he mastered the amateur dirt tracks, and by his early teens became one of Australia’s most recognized young athletes. Steve turned pro at 16 and relocated to Woodward, Pa., to concentrate on developing his skills.

Steve is known for his competitive edge on the dirt track; however, he does not limit himself to one discipline. Steve is the only athlete to compete in all four BMX disciplines: street park, vert ramp, dirt jumping and the mega ramp. He has received more media coverage than any other athlete in his genre of action sports.

Steve has already accomplished what many riders 10 years his senior have failed to achieve. His list is substantial, and with podium finishes in every discipline he enters, he is always a top contender at the AST Dew Tour and X Games.

During the off-season, Steve spends his summers at home in Woodward, mentoring young BMX riders. He also enjoys surfing, jet-skiing, music, movies and spending time with his friends.

Steve’s Top 3 favorite movies:

Hulk, Iron Man, The Avengers 

Favorite "go to" movie snack:

Gummy Bears, Dr. Pepper and popcorn--all must haves!

Connect with Steve: 

Twitter: @SteveMcCann

Instagram: @SteveMcCann

BMX Big Air with Steve McCann: Summer X Games 2013 Barcelona