About Samarria Brevard

Samarria Brevard

Photo: Dan Sparanga

Samarria, who lives in Riverside, Calif., was introduced to skateboarding through her brother and a friend. She was initially drawn to skateboarding because it was the only sport where she could be free, without the stress of letting other people down. Samarria has now been skateboarding now for almost five years.

Samarria enjoys skating in Los Angeles because “they have way better parks than Riverside.” She also likes skating Fergusson Park Skatepark in Rialto, Calif. More importantly, skateboarding has allowed Samarria to travel, including Arizona—her favorite destination because they have “beasty skateparks.”

Samarria relishes skating contests, her favorite being the Gatorade Free Flow Tour, the first actual skateboard contest she ever skated. Her greatest skateboarding achievement? Being an alternate at X Games and winning first place in the Supergirl Am Jam! Samarria also placed 4th in this years 2013 Los Angeles X Games as a professional.

When she’s not busy skateboarding, Samarria enjoys basketball and playing video games.

Samarria’s Top 3 favorite movies:

Think Like a Man, Just Go with It and What Happens in Vegas

Favorite “go to” movie snack:

Popcorn and soda!


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