About Nora Vasconcellos

Nora Vasconellos

Since moving to the West Coast in June 2012, Nora Vasconcellos has been turning heads with her smooth mix of style and power on a skateboard. Since capturing the 2013 Women’s Combi Classic title, Nora is expected to be a top contender in future major events.

Born and raised in the Northeast, Nora began as a surfer, using skateboarding to train when the less than dependable shore breaks and icy conditions limited her time in the water.

Thanks to her success in local and regional skate competitions, Nora became the first female invited to compete in the Volcom Wild in the Parks Championships in 2007. She went on to earn podium spots in the World Cup Skateboarding Bowlriders series. Nora's decision to dedicate herself entirely to skateboarding payed off by paving her way to the 2010 Dew Tour and X Games.

When she’s not on her skateboard, Nora is instrumental in all aspects of the rapidly growing business at Welcome Skateboards and has been involved in several projects for MAHFIA.TV, a San Diego-based team of professional female athletes, artists and action sports influencers. She also enjoys spending time in the ocean, drawing and going to the movies with friends.

Nora, a positive role model to younger skaters, shared her love for skating by creating and running the "Girls Rye’d" program at Rye Airfield skatepark in New Hampshire, Conn., where she serves as an instructor at Woodward West.

Nora's Top 3 favorite movies:

Step Brothers, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Pan’s Labyrinth

Favorite "go to" movie snack:

Popcorn, Sourpatch Watermelons and Sprite!


Talking with Your Mouth Open

Connect with Nora:

Twitter: @NoraVExplora

Instagram: @NoraVExplora 


Nora Combi Practice before Vans Combi contest win 2013