World of X Games -- Skatercross video.

Skaterscross is the brain child of Andy Macdonald and Chris Conway, who believed building a BMX-style race track for skateboarding would make exciting side-by-side racing. They were right.


Macdonald, a professional skateboarder, and Conway, brand manager for’s action sports team, both understood this was a new and bold idea, but were confident in their vision.  When The Mission Valley YMCA /Krause family Bike and Skate park, Geico Insurance and agreed to fund and sponsor the first event, building began. Thanks to Macdonald and Conway’s dedication, Skatecross(sm) Skateboard Racing went from dream to reality with San Diego's Mission Valley YMCA getting the first ever track.


The story of the build and its inaugural race will be televised July 23 on ABC’s World of X Games, hosted by professional skateboarder Tony Hawk. Tune in to see this exciting and fast new form of  skateboarding where the winner is decided by a clock rather than a judge. The concept is simple: The racer that  crosses the finish line first, wins!


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Photos: Joanne Barrett, Charles Lillo