Bowl-A-Rama Wellington it’s a Wrap.

No. 1 and No. 2 Qualifiers Alex Sorgente and Pedro Barros Finish 1-2

This year, the level of skating was over the top--and the world’s top pros were on hand to kill this not-so-easy-to-slay monster otherwise know as a pool.

The contest, now in its seventh year, continues to impress with the world’s best going for broke--and this year was no exception. Wellington locals were well represented with James McInnes, Mike Bancroft, Mike Spittlehouse and Lee Ralph. But with no. 1 and no. 2 qualifiers Alex Sorgente and Pedro Barros in the mix, it was going to be an uphill battle.

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The final heat was a 25-minute jam with the Top 8 qualifiers riding until they either fell or stopped.  After a couple runs, it was clear Pedro Barros and Alex Sorgente were the ones to beat; they both had incredibly difficult tricks and lines that no one else could not match.

Pedro clinched the win by pulling 540 in his second to last run, which Alex did not have time to match. 

This year’s Bowl-A-Rama also celebrated the skate and art scene with the “Festival of Skateboarding,” a week of festivities dedicated to the skate culture.

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Left to right: Alex Sorgente (2nd), Pedro Barros (1st), Murilo Peres (3rd). Photo by David Read.

Left to right: Alex Sorgente (2nd), Pedro Barros (1st), Murilo Peres (3rd). Photo by David Read.

Final Results

PROS Finals
1. Pedro Barros
2. Alex Sorgente
3. Murilo Peres
4. Felipe Foguinho
5. Cory Juneau
6. Sky Siljeg
7. Vi Kakinha
8. Otavio Neto

1. Brian Patch
2. Lester Kasai
3. Pat Ngoho
4. Sergie Ventura
5. Sean Goff
6. Mike McGill
7. Steve Crump
8. Leigh McKenzie

Best Trick

Sky Siljeg