Recon Tour Round 10 Video from Windells Camp, OR

Recon Tour Round 10 Video from Windells Camp, OR

The Recon Tour presented by Replay XD held the last stop at Windells camp located just outside of Sandy, OR. With temperatures in the low 80's and a slight breeze blowing, the competitors were ready to face up against the outside cement park that Windells camp built to perfection. The park served some of the most original and creative lines that we have witnessed so far on the tour. It was a bitter sweet day as we watched all the smiling competitors come together to make a very memorable last stop. Athletes traveled from all around the country including Canada, Chicago, and various parts of California. The competition was fierce and the day unraveled in a very dramatic fashion. The play open division took eight well deserving athletes to the finals to battle for the last ticket to the Recon Tour finals. New athletes to compete in the Recon Tour like Adam Piatek, Frank Bornhoeft, and Taylor Isaak, were facing up against the veterans of the tour like Sebastian Smith, Derek Kenny, and Cory Clark. In the end it was the rookie Adam Piatek who took out the rest of the field with his effortless style and smooth tricks around the entire park. He utilized the concrete park better than any of his peers and did not make one mistake during his run. It was a very well respected and deserving run to beat out other athletes who had an arsenal of tricks like double whips, flip whips, and front flips. Adam is now the tenth member who will be getting an all expense paid trip to Florida and competing against the best athletes that the Recon Tour has to offer.

Special thanks to our tour partners, Hookit, Replay XD, A3, Vans, XRyderz, Madcatz, Pro-Tec,, Hyper BMX, Mike Spinner, Fat Tony, Tim Windell, Rachel Lemons, and Marsha Hovey.

Final results from each division:

Play Open Final Results:

1st- Adam Piatek
2nd- Sebastian Smith
3rd- Derek Kenny

16 + Final Results:

1st- Nic Hilton
2nd- Chase Lightner
3rd- Jordan Smiles

13-15 Final Results:

1st- Justin Haberlock Bates
2nd- Brian Vazquez
3rd- Christian Mosher

12 & Under Final Results:

1st- Lochlainn O'leary
2nd- Bradon Giese
3rd- Jack Wagner