About Andy Macdonald

Andy Macdonald photo : Rowe

Andy Macdonald is one of skateboarding’s best ambassadors and most skilled professionals, known to millions of skateboarders all over the world as Andy Mac. Andy’s versatile style and tremendous experience allow him to excel in street skating, skateparks, vert, pools and big air ramps.

 Andy has been crowned skateboarding’s World Champion eight years in a row in the World Cup Skateboard Series. He has competed in every X Games since its inception and owns 23 medals. 

Positiv skateboards is Andy’s brain child and brings to focus the many positive aspects of skateboarding and its top skaters. Besides skateboarding, Andy sits on the Board of Directors of Grind for Life. When not skating, Andy enjoys eating candy, listening to music, going to the movies and bouncing on the trampoline with his kids.

Andy is originally from Boston, Mass., but now resides in Encinitas, Calif. 



Andy’s Top 3 favorite movies:

Harold and Maude, Repo Man, Condor Man

Favorite “go to” movie snack:

Red Vines!



Connect with Andy:

Instagram: @AndyMac720

Twitter: @AndyMacdonald



Andy Macdonald 2012 Video Part "Straight Up"