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Alex Sorgente

Alessandro (Alex)  Sorgente has been skating and competing since he was 6; he is admired for his talent and his character.

Alex was born in Florida in November 1997 from an Italian father and an American mother. At age 6, he chose skateboarding--and over the past nine years, has developed discipline, confidence, motivation and success. Alex turned Pro in 2012 after winningthe prestigious Vans Am Pool Party in California for the second year in a row, as well as the Florida Bowlriders and competitions in Italy and around the world. In the first few months of professional level competition, Alex made the podium, scoring asecond place finish in Bowl-a-Rama NYC and a first place finish in Australia.

Alex is an all-terrain skater. In 2012, he added Skateboard Big Air to his resume and made his X Games debut. In that same year, he competed and made the finals in the Dew Tour.  In 2010, Alex secured two Guinness World Records: Most Frontside Boneless in 30 Seconds and Most Axle Stalls on a Skateboard in 30 Seconds. 

Since the beginning of his career, Alex has been honored to assistMike Rogers and Grind for Life in helpingpeople with cancer.

"Alex is a seasoned traveler and a skater of all terrains. He loves to session with anyone and learns so fast. When you show him a trick he picks it up right way. He always skates as hard as he can," Grind for Life's Mike Rogers explains. "He has a heart and passion for skateboarding unlike any other kid I've ever met. He also helps Grind for Life to raise awareness about helping people with cancer through his skateboarding. He's an awesome kid who is entertaining to watch."

Alex's Top 3 favorite movies:

Chasing Mavericks, xXx, Napoleon Dynamite

Favorite “go to” movie snack:



Connect with Alex:

Twitter: @AlexSorgentesk8
Instagram:  @AlexSorgente
Facebook:   AlexSorgente

Alex Sorgente: Any Given Session

Video by : The Boardr


We've watched our fellow Floridian, Alex Sorgente, grow up on the trannies over the last decade. He's part of that new generation of skaters that rides everything though. Ramps, bowls, pools, skateparks, doesn't matter to Alex. He's just down to skate.